Human Sorcerer; Magical Tinkerer


Sevaad was born in the city of Reya to two native Reyans. His father, Nario, ran one of the stables that looked after the horses that the army used. His mother, Venfaen, was a housekeeper for one of the cousins of the Royals. Sevaad spent many hours helping his father in the stable tending to the horses and cleaning the stalls before he came of age. Even after coming of age Sevaad would visit the stable to help his father weekly. Sevaad has a younger brother named Roy, a younger sister named Sydni, and an older sister named Eloisee. All of his siblings have been successful so far. Eloisee opened and runs a tavern, the Broken Tap, in the northern part of Reya. Roy is now serving an advisor to the royal council and acts as a representative of the eastern district. Sydni is looking at taking over as the main housekeep for the cousins of the Royals since our mother has become ill and is not able to keep up working as much as she had been.

Sevaad discovered his innate abilities at age 12. They proved useful in helping around the stable. But after he turned 15 he began taking on some odd jobs (fighting off the dire rats in the sewers and such) around Reya to test his abilities. After many jobs he had mastered a few simple words and returned to work with his father until he was 19. Oh his 20th birthday his father gave him a hose since Sevaad had been talking about his urge to get out and travel the world to discover what was outside of Reya, and that is exactly what he did. He packed up a few of his things and set off.

After setting off from Reya, Sevaad traveled west and made it as far as he could before turning back. He met many people and saw many of the landmarks and countless towns. At one point he was hired to protect a merchant caravan in exchange for food and credit with the merchants. As he traveled his powers grew. He began learning new words and how to shape them. It another few months to get back to Reya. But when he returned he had dozens of stories to share with his family, after all he was gone for 18 months. Sevaad stayed with his parents for a couple months while he recovered and rested before setting off again.

Only this time he headed east and was gone another 18 months. On his second journey he met and fell in love with a woman who was betrothed to another man. He got to know the woman and he knew the feeling were mutual. But in the end she would not leave the marriage that had been arranged and Sevaad left feeling bitter. He traveled for another 6 months before turning back and making his way to Reya once again.

On returning to Reya, Sevaad converted one of the stalls in his father’s stable into a workspace for his own personal endeavors and began renting a small apartment a few blocks away from his parents home. Before he knew it 3 years had past. In that time he worked the stable with his father and helped out Roy when asked. It always payed off working for the city officials. Usually the compensation was decent but mostly it helped to get his name out to the people.


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