Half Orc Paladin from Reya


STR 18
DEX 12
CON 16
INT 14
WIS 11
CHA 15

HP 44
Main weapon of choice is a Halberd MW

Age 20
5’6" 201 lbs
black hair and green eyes

Alignment: Lawful-Good


My name is Amelia and I am a 20 year old Half Orc Paladin. I believe myself to be the very definition of peace keeper. My allegiance is to The Mother for many reasons, but the greatest of all is that she is “the one who stands between the candle and the dark”. I don’t think of myself as one who chooses one side or another, because my allegiance is to peace. I believe my reverence of Her is what guides my instinct to know when to draw my sword, or when to keep it sheathed. I believe the more devoted I am to Her, the closer I am to the stars. I pray She will show me favor as I study and look to Her for guidance in my young life, and in what is to come. (my character’s chosen profession is ‘seer’ as I believe she tries to speak to us though the stars. She tries to give warnings as to what she is weaving, as well as what she can see being made by The Spinster and what is being un-made by the Unraveler)
I have a large faded-looking/grey dragon tattoo on my chest/neck. It holds as a constant reminder of being that between the candle and the dark.
My father, Roland, is a human and my only family. He holds a high place in, what I believe to be, the greatest cathedral in all of Reya (and possibly all of Pyrone as well). Roland is one of the most acclaimed clerics in Reya and is often called upon by the Royals for guidance in matters of faith. He is the foundation as to who I am and why I have such a pure, strong and loyal faith. He led me to see the world for what it is, and show me I only have one true passion, to be the speaker for Her in this world. To be Her sword on this earth and know there is no greater duty than to serve in Her Holy name. When I came of age I followed in my father’s footsteps and devoted my life to the church. I spent my life training in the church and to protect her faithful. For me there is no higher calling than to be in her service.. (I hold craft weapon as a hobby I took up in the church during my free time. I loved to tend to the armory. I found all types of weapons fascinating.) I go where The Mother calls me and trust Her to guide me wherever I am needed. I believe I am ready for my first holy quest for the church and am eager to show my devotion and guide others to the warmth of her light. I have never left the city of Reya, but I have never been scared. I know The Mother watches over those who are loyal to her in spreading her word.
I had only one true friend growing up, his name is Gabe. We shared in small adventures around Reya and I always kept him out of trouble. Gabe has called me Mia from the very first day we met, and is the only one (besides my father) who could get away with it. No one in the church really cared for him, and would politely say things like “there is just something a little off about that boy”. My father, deep down, thought the same thing. But he trusted my intuition. The first time we met I felt no one in this world could be more trustworthy. Gabe always told me things were never quite what they appear to be. These words never really stuck with me until the day I told him I would be embarking on my first holy quest. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes with such a depth it was as if he knew something, but was holding it back. He said to me “Remember Mia, things are not always what they seem”. For some reason every time he would say things like this I never thought much about it — but this time, it was almost as a warning. I still don’t quite understand, but I will take his words and trust them, as I have trusted him so unconditionally for many years. Strangely, looking back, I realize I do not know much about his life, or where he is from. I guess I never thought it really mattered.
I do not know of my own earthly mother, and my father never speaks of her. I do not ask, I act as though this holds of no importance. I can only assume she is an Orc and have never bothered to ask even her name. Somehow, deep down, I think this is why I feel so compelled to The Mother and give her such a strong devotion. Even though I will never admit it to myself, she fills a void that I never had as a small child. Most people pity me for not knowing who gave me my life. You see, it is important in Reya where you come from. But I know we are all woven together from Her. She cares more about where we are going, what we are doing and what cause we are fighting for above all else.


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