Religion of Pyrone

In the time before life, there were the Three; the Spinster, the Weaver, and the Unraveler. They were the Light, the Grey, and the Dark of existence before all else. Feeling their need to create, they came upon the raw energy of life and set to work. The Spinster worked the energy into usable thread of unimaginable strength. The Weaver worked the thread at a great loom, creating a fabric of existence of unimaginable beauty. When they had finished, the two stood back to admire the work; the universe they had created was far more beautiful than they had ever imagined; and yet, they felt sad for in creating such a masterpiece, they had used up the whole of all existence’s energy. They lamented how they wished to create more, and at this, the Unraveler reached up his hand and plucked at a string. Slowly he began to pull the great fabric of existence apart, and as he did so, the great thread unraveled and spilled back into the energy of creation. The other two then became joyous for, though their great masterpiece was being destroyed, there was new material with which they could work. Quickly they set about recrafting their masterpiece, but found that it never was the same. Instead, they created an ever evolving work of wonder and beauty. Similar patterns emerged, but no pattern was ever truly duplicated. Thus the universe came into existence, and all of creation was spun through and back again.

The primary religion of Pyrone is the worship of The Three or the Triumvirate. While there are some variations on this theme, the basis of this belief is common across the whole of the world. The following is a brief description of each of the three primary deities of this theology.

Wild/Spinster/The Light: The first of the Triumvirate is oldest of the Three. Called the Spinster, he takes the raw, chaotic energy of the universe and turns it into the usable thread that will be weaved into all creation. He is often depicted as a man working to spin the thread from the raw elements of creation. Often viewed as the strongest of the Three, he tirelessly works with the wild and untamed energies of the universe. For this reason, he is most often seen as the chief deity of the natural world and wild places of the land. As the Light, he is the birth of the world and universe as a whole. Without him to lead, the other two would not have been able to work the patterns they do. All things begin with him, and those who worship him understand this. Life, love, forgiveness, and the entirety of existence cannot exist without his tireless efforts.

There are those who depict him as a great bearded dragon, standing over the other two as watcher and protector of, not just the work he has done, but the subsequent universe that they have all created. Through his strength, he helps maintain the balance of existence and determines the pace at which existence moves. Without his guidance, the other two would create and unravel at such a pace that the whole of everything would fall apart and be lost. In this sense, many see him as the chief deity of the Three. In that role, he acts as moderator between the other two and primary judge of mortals; maintaining a neutral stance in all things so as to help keep the balance. To him, there is no good or evil, merely creation.

Mother /Weaver/The Grey: The second of the Triumvirate; she is referred to as Mother, Weaver, and The Grey. Often depicted as a kindly and motherly woman at a loom, she is responsible for weaving the great patter of creation and life from the raw material of creation the Wild produces. She creates order from the chaos and subsequently is viewed as the chief deity of civilization, culture, law and good. It is believed that all things in existence are tied together along the warp and weft she tirelessly creates. Not just limited to the realm in which all mortals live, her weft and warp create the endless cosmos and various dimensions of existence, including those mortals who have died travel to. Her view as a motherly figure and the bringer of order from chaos leads many to hold her in particular reverence. To many, she creates the world as it is and hardships that many encounter are the tiny imperfections in the weave of creation. Despite this, she is viewed as the most caring of the Three as she patiently and diligently tends all creation. This often puts her at odds with the Unraveler as he continually undoes her work into the raw chaos it once was.

Other views of her depict her as a great silver dragon, or even a silver and gold dragon working a loom together. Despite her reverence, her title of The Grey is an identifier of how she is the most enigmatic of the Three. The other two have definite roles as the creator of the threads of all creation and the one who unravels the pattern, the Light and the Dark; but The Grey is the only one who has the most freedom with her duties; weaving the fabric of creation to suit her whim. She is said to be the one who stands between the candle and the dark; the unknown realm that is life. Many believe that by studying the stars, one would be able to learn the lines of the pattern and use it to predict the future. Though none have ever been able to truly prove that they can do this, there are those who study the stars and the pattern in order to learn what is to come. From them, several prophecies have come out; many of which never came to pass. There are a few, however, that have… and many more that are still waiting to come.

Devourer/Unraveler/The Dark: The third of the Triumvirate is the most hotly debated and misunderstood of the Three. In the common belief, the Unraveler is depicted as a child that stands at the end of the weave, unravelling the intricate patterns laid forth by the Seamstress in a tangled ball which feeds back to the Spinster for him to ready to be reworked into the pattern. He stands as the principal deity of mischief, chaos, death and the unknown. To many, this makes him the most important of the three as the belief that creation is infinite and cannot continue without his childlike energy to pull the pattern apart. In this, many take solace that they will be reborn into the world at a later time when they are weaved back into existence. Those who believe this hold him as an equal with the other two and worship him for his childlike joy, mischief and life. To them, he is the epitome of life and forgiveness, for when they are unraveled out of the pattern; they will receive their divine reward or punishment, be cleansed and woven back in again.

There are those however who take a much darker view of him. To them, he is the end of all things. Often depicted as a gargantuan black wolf or a rotting black dragon with its skin sluffing off and its skull exposed, he sits in chains at the end of all things and consumes all creation that spills into him as he struggles against his bonds. It is believed that at the beginning, there was balance between the three; but when the Devourer’s hunger became so great he wished to consume all of creation, the other two locked him aside in an effort to maintain that balance. It is said that there will come a time when he will break free of his bonds and devour all before him, bringing about the end of the world. Those who follow this belief see him as a wholly evil entity; a thing to be feared as the inevitable death of all. To them, there is no greater punishment than to have your soul sent to be consumed by the Devourer or to spend eternity in the Dark; thus they strive to live as good and honest people in order to avoid this fate and receive their eternal reward.

Other Beliefs: Beyond the primary religion of Pyrone, there are those who engage in ancestor worship as well as some tribes who worship the natural world and create totems of animals and men.

Religion of Pyrone

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