Classes in Pyrone

So you want adventure in Pyrone? Well then, you’ll likely need a character class. And if you’re going to have a character class, it might be useful to know how that class fits into the world. Well here is where you can find your information to help you refine your character ideas, or at the very least give you a place to start! Below you will find information to help you on your way for each class. Note that not all may be included yet, but I will attempt to get them all up for you to peruse.

**Please note that “Samurai” and “Ninja,” like many of the classes in this world, are general terms for a specifically focused combination of combat and skills. They are not meant to be taken as literal Samurai and Ninjas and thus are not required to look or even fully behave as the stereotype of each, though character limitations outlined in the class must be adhered to.

Alchemist: Students of mixtures and compounds, Alchemists are a breed all their own. A thirst for knowledge drives them and they can nearly always be found combining new materials in order to create more and more exotic potions. Usually highly educated, most Alchemists are trained within the universities alongside the Wizards of the world; but every once in a while you will find a prodigy who, through sheer luck, has discovered many of the alchemical mixtures on their own through trial and error. When locked into combat, Alchemists will set upon their foes with a hail of explosive mixtures that can cause any number of side effects; or imbibe some of their own concoctions in order to mutate themselves in one way or another as they wade into combat. While not always understood, a good Alchemist can use his sciences to heal and help others almost as well as a Cleric. Just don’t drink everything they give you. You never know when you’re a new test subject.

Barbarian: “Barbarians” are found throughout all of Pyrone. Though not mindless and savage as the name might suggest, they do live within small tribal societies. Most Barbarian tribes wander the wilds and live off the land, relying on their strength and grit as they live off the land. In combat, Barbarians are fearsome warriors and have gained a reputation for attacking their enemies with terrifying ferocity as they draw upon springs of inner strength and primal rage. For those who prove themselves strong, they are great friends and staunch allies; and woe unto any who stand against them.

Bard: Bards can be found among most walks of life. From the high court musicians and entertainers to the minstrel in the tavern; Bards permeate every facet of civilized culture. This also affords them the opportunities to acquire vast amounts of knowledge. Some Bards are born with a knack for the entertainment lifestyle, but many others are trained by either a professional or within specialized Bard schools located in larger cities. This gives them connections that spread throughout the world. Bards adventure to spread their stories, gain new ones, acquire wealth, and write themselves into history. Bards have a way of opening doors that may have remained closed to others (everyone loves a good Bard) and serve as excellent liaisons when dealing with others. On the battlefield they play a supporting role for their groups; improving the group’s moral and using their magics to help swing the battle to their favor.

Cavalier: Masters of mounted warfare, Cavaliers are a force to be reckoned with while on foot, and a terrifying sight when making their mounted charge. Cavaliers are primarily trained within ranks of a military force, though some self-taught or even apprenticed Cavaliers do exist. While each of the three Great Cities retain their own cavalry force of one kind or another, Reya trains the best in the world and maintains the strongest cavalry force. The city of Reya trains its forces primarily for warfare on horseback amidst the Golden Fields; but there are special contingents amidst the ranks. The Royal Guard and other specialty units ride into battle without fear astride specially bred and trained lions while the White Wings pepper their enemies with arrows from the air with their Griffons. Maintaining a strict code of honor amongst their ranks, Cavaliers are fearsome warriors; and made even more so when they single and challenge an opponent. Little brings the moral of an army to new heights than seeing a Cavalier with his banner whipping in the breeze as he charges his foes head on.

Cleric: While priests may hold sway within the walls of the churches of Pyrone, the Cleric is the source of faith on the road. With a staunch hold on their faith, Clerics lend aid to those in need through their divine magic and battle those who oppose and pervert the world and their faiths. While the majority of Pyrone adheres to the belief in the Three Gods, there are many interpretations of the Three and each with its own cadre of Clerics to usher forth their truth. Clerics can be found anywhere in the world. Where there are people and faith, you can find a Cleric; and while the vast majority are considered to be “good,” there are those who worship more malevolent forces and wish to usher in a new dark age.

Druid: If the Cleric is the voice of the Gods, the Druid is the voice of the wild. Keeping away from the dense cities, Druids make their homes in the wild places of the world. There are as many Druids as there are regions or climates. Some Druids may devote themselves to a particular environment, or dedicate their lives to being a shepherd of a particular animal, and still others just feel the desire to explore every facet of the wild as they travel the world over. No matter their focus, nature is divine and the world is their church. Those who would despoil it are likely to find themselves the target of a Druid’s wrath as they use their magic to unleash the fury of nature or assume the form of any number of animals as they hunt down their prey, often times with an animal companion who is a lifelong friend. Those who show nature the proper reverence will find that a Druid can be a powerful ally and an invaluable source of information about the unknown places of the world.

Fighter: Mercenaries, tavern brawlers, ordered regiments, and the town bully. These are all fighters of the world. Fighters can be found anywhere there are people. Whether learning on the streets or being professionally trained, Fighters are the undisputed masters of the art of combat. There are as many Fighters and styles of fighting as there are stars in the sky, and just about no two are the same. Whether for gold, renown, or just for fun; a good Fighter is always good to have on your side when things start to get rough.

Inquisitor: Those things that go bump in the night; the scary stories your parents always told you growing up; they’re all real, and the Inquisitor hunts them. If there is a monster out there, the Inquisitor will find it and kill it. They have faced the things in the dark and lived to tell it, and it shows. Their knowledge of creatures is second to none; but most importantly, they know how to kill them. Inquisitors roam Pyrone and are found almost everywhere, though their numbers are never very large. Inquisitors are always apprenticed by a more seasoned hunter before setting off on their own. The Inquisitor draws their spells from their faith much the same way that Clerics do, but they are not quite beholden to the same set of moral obligations. They know their place in the world is to rid it of the evils that prowl it, and they dive into it with a fervor with magic, steel, and skill.

Magus: The blending of might and magic is a delicate balance and the Magus executes with almost unearthly grace. Due to the strict discipline that must be maintained, almost every Magus is initially trained. For this reason, Magus are primarily found within the larger cities of Pyrone. When they have learned enough so as not to kill themselves, Magus are allowed to pursue their own endeavors. Many find work within the ranks of the military as their skills prove invaluable on the battlefield. Many sill sell their sword as mercenaries or just travel the world. Their unique skills set them apart from others. They are not as powerful as a Wizard or a Sorcerer nor are they as skilled as a fighter; but their blending of arcane magic with martial prowess makes them a force to be reckoned with in any situation. Their versatility and unpredictability is the Magus strength, and they use it to great effect.

Monk: Monks are the unrivaled masters of martial arts. Within their monasteries, they train day and night to achieve the balance of mind, body, and spirit that few others have the dedication to do so. Their strict regiments bless them with near blinding speed, lightning quick reflexes, and a near impervious immune system. The monasteries of Pyrone are usually set aside from the more urban areas, giving the Monks the peace they need to pursue their endeavors free of distraction. Within these communes, the Monks provide for themselves, creating their own clothing and growing their own food. There are, however, monasteries found within each of the Three Great Cities allowing Monks to keep a presence amidst the peoples of the world. In combat, Monks use their speed to their advantage as they shower their foes with lightning quick blows. Strong allies and deadly foes, some Monks travel to better discover themselves and find their balance; or, for the more headstrong, test their skills against the rest of the world.

Ninja: Masters of the stealth skill, Ninjas are trained in secret monasteries much the same way Monks are, but with one major exception. While Monks seek balance with themselves and the world, Ninjas are training focused on the art of the stealth kill. This training gives them mastery of a myriad of strange and exotic weapons. This also makes them a favorite of many more insidious characters within Pyrone as their services are sought after for thefts, assassinations, or worse. This has understandably earned them a rather dubious reputation and thus their schools and communes are kept a well-guarded secret from common knowledge. Ninjas however are not solely killers and thieves. Many venture into the world to test their skills and seek their own fortune. Preferring to strike from the shadows rather than face a prolonged confrontation, Ninjas draw upon a similar inner strength that Monks do to augment their abilities.

Oracle: If Clerics gain their power through faith and prayer, then the Oracle has been touched by the divine directly; usually not without consequences of one kind or another. Where Clerics believe, Oracles know, and that knowledge make them both feared and revered at the same time. Oracles can be found everywhere throughout Pyrone. Their divine strength is rivaled only by Clerics as they share the mysteries that have been revealed to them with others. While some may view being touched by the divine a blessing, others view it as a curse as this generally leaves them scarred in some way. This sometimes makes them sullen or pretentious, but despite their shortcomings, many Oracles continue their search for truth in the world and find themselves on the road. Powerful and intelligent, Oracles do not wade into physical combat often, rather letting their allies handle such matters as they bolster and heal their allies as well as bombard their enemies with their divine might.

Paladin: The knight in shining armor. The warrior of unshakable morality and faith. The Paladin is the iconic force for all that is good and just in the world. The vast majority of Paladins are classically trained in combat and warfare, many by the church itself. In Pyrone, the Clerics are the strength of the church, but the Paladins are the sword. Their strength comes from the depth of their belief and the strict moral code by which they adhere. While Paladins are blessed with divine power much the same way Clerics are, their blessings take form more in their ability to summon spiritual mounts, channel divine energy into their attacks, and gain a limited ability to wield divine spells. This combination makes them a formidable warrior, and the ultimate scourge of any truly evil presence they come across. Little employed by nobles or even in major armies, Paladins comprise the bulk of the churches private force for security and defense of its parishioners. Most adventuring Paladins are either sent out on a holy quest, are on a personal crusade, or are merely out spreading the word of their faith.

Ranger: Rangers are as varied as the geological features of the land itself. Hunters, trappers, skirmishers, or even hermits; Rangers are found all over the face of Pyrone in one form or another. Their skill set keeps them adaptable to any situation and, while they venture into the cities as often as not, find themselves more at home in the wilds. Rangers are the step between Druids and the civilized world, balancing a love and respect of nature with the comforts of modern society. The small amount of magic that they possess is derived from the same realm as Druids as they tap into the natural magics of the world. Usually not formally trained, Rangers tend to develop their own unique fighting style. But even that leaves them a force to be reckoned with as they are also some of the most versatile combatants to be found. Sometimes accompanied by a lifelong animal friend, Rangers who adventure usually are looking to hunt the most dangerous prey they can find, are operating as guide and survivalist for a group, or just have a natural inclination to explore the world around them. Whatever their motivation, a good Ranger is always a welcome sight for those on the road.

Rogue: Thieves, cutpurses, street urchins, vagabonds, gambling cheats; Rogues are found in every major city and town throughout the world. While their individual motivations and abilities may vary; their core set of skills remains largely the same. There is no formal training for Rogues and, as such, they learn their trade on the streets of Pyrone’s cities. Whether for survival or just opportunity, Rogues sneak, cheat, and steal their way to wealth. When it comes to combat, the Rogue is an opportunist; waiting until their opponent is distracted and then striking weak points to dole out the maximum amount of punishment. This leads some to believe that Rogues are cowards, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Any Rogue would argue that they know their limitations and it takes talent and skill to know when to strike and how. Life for them is all about shades of grey, and many of them revel in it. While Rogues typically have a personal code of honor of one kind or another, this seldom results in long lasting relationships; but those that manage to form them find lifelong friends.

Samurai: Where Cavaliers protect the land, Samurai protect the people. Typically employed as personal guards to higher ranking members of society, Samurai are to the higher houses what Paladins are to the church. Adhering to a strict code of honor, the Samurai is usually his patrons most trusted warrior. Samurai are trained from a young age in the art of war and are masters of the sword, bow, and even mounted warfare. Due to the highly structured nature of their training, Samurai are primarily trained in larger cities where their needs can be more easily accommodated. Rarely found in the ranks of the military except when working directly with Generals, Samurai find most of their work in acting as the personal guards to the highest ranking members of society; and even the royalty. Samurai adventure for many of the same reasons others do, and while they are a bit more uncommon on the roads of Pyrone, those that find themselves in the company of one find an ally with skills second to none.

Sorcerer: The Sorcerers of Pyrone are those with an innate talent to tap into the arcane flowing through their blood. A Sorcerer is born, not made, and their talents tend to manifest at an early age in surprising (and often destructive) ways. Through practice and patience, Sorcerers can quickly learn to control their abilities and soon discover that they have a power matched by very few in the world. Sorcerers are found everywhere in the world and their talents and abilities are as varied as their personalities. Though many Sorcerers may be able to issue forth the same spells, no to methods they use are alike; just as each Sorcerer is unique. Their unpredictable nature leads some to mistrust them, and their innate command of the arcane often puts them at odds with Wizards; but Sorcerers have carved out a niche for themselves in the world. While some are recruited into armies, most Sorcerers are content to live their lives their way and prefer to be the only ones in command of their own magic.

Summoner: Summoners are trained magic users who have chosen to forgo solely focusing on arcane magic and instead delve into the study of summoning. So adept are they at this that Summoners are able to bring forth and Eidolon to serve with and for them. There is much speculation as to where these powerful beings come from; some think they are souls of the departed returning to help the living, others believe that they are creatures from beyond the realm of creation, and still some think that they are merely a manifestation of the Summoners own will; but wherever they do come from, all agree that a Summoners Eidolon is a powerful and dangerous beast. Summoners spend years studying their craft within the same universities as Wizards and, while they do learn the ability to tap into the arcane and cast spells of their own, their selection is much more limited. Still, adventuring Summoners are a font of wisdom and surprises as they and their Eidolons explore the world.

Wizard: The Wizard is what everyone thinks about when they hear about spells being cast. Spending the bulk of their lives in training, Wizards are wise, cunning, and deceptively powerful. Among the tomes, Wizards acquire vast amounts of knowledge which makes them highly sought after as advisors and teachers throughout Pyrone. A Wizard is never without a quill, ink, and his own personal tome which contains the bulk of all his acquired spells. Wizards enjoy a vast amount of respect from all peoples of Pyrone and tend to hold places of great distinction within communities. Most Wizards who venture away from the cities are out in search of lost bits of knowledge and forgotten lore. Their abilities and wisdom make them invaluable members of any party; and while they may sometimes seem aloof, they tend to be extremely valuable allies.

Witch: Of all the classes of Pyrone, Witches are possibly the most feared and the most misunderstood. Drawing their power from unknown sources, the Witch casts spells in much the same way a Wizard or Sorcerer does. Stereotypically viewed as an old crone, Witches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most live just outside civilization to avoid persecution; some find homes as people of great station among several Barbarian tribes; but there are those who live within the cities. Those that do tend to make a living for themselves as healers, selling brewed potions to aid those in need, or as seers for those wishing to catch a glimpse of their future. Witches encountered on the road are most often searching for the source of their powers or just looking to explore the unknown. While avoiding physical confrontation as much as possible, a Witch forced to defend herself can call upon several arcane spells or use any of her Hexes to gain the tactical advantage. Her command of the bizarre and unknown makes her an ace in the hole for any who wish to travel with her.

Classes in Pyrone

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